Prevention and health promotion

are becoming increasingly important in the German health system. We see an increasing demand for this modern, high-quality, tradional-integral-medicine-oriented medical field on the part of patients, politics and medical professions and we are convinced of the long-term advantage for all involved.

Orthomolecular medicine in the sense of use of micronutrients can hereby rank high, as it consequently supports - already from its basic approach - prevention under integral view and as it only works with substances that are naturally present in human body and that the organism needs for normal function (like vitamins, mineral substances, trace elements, unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids and enzymes). Orthomolecular medicine understands itself supplementary to traditional medicine and primarily attempts to prevent deficits of micronutrients or to balance existing deficits. Therefore, it is excellently suited to supplement preventive concepts that are based on the change of lifestyle and that are close to patient-oriented traditional medicine. It is also effectively applicable in the context of future-oriented therapy concepts, particularly in cases of a large number of lifestyle-influencing diseases.

This encouraged us to engage more closely in othromolecular medicine in addition to non-medication therapies and to integrate it – as far as reasonable – into behavior- and lifestyle-influencing concepts. With our engagement, we want to contribute to the promotion of this kind of medicine in competent hands and want to gather under one roof innovative people who are interested in successful and patient-oriented medical methods in the future.

Examples of Therapy Concepts

Good Aging (previous 'Anti-Aging')

The today’s acknowledged concepts in 'Good Aging' are based on 4 cornerstones:

  • Lifestyle (the most important one !!!)
    with emphasis on nutrition, motion, non-smoking and positive thinking and acting
  • Orthomolecular medicine
  • Hormones
  • Supplements (e.g. vitality programs)
Besides lifestyle, orthomolecular medicine plays to the current knowledge the most important role!