Extract from the association statutes of the Forum Orthomolecular Medicine

§2 Purpose of the association (extract)

The association „Forum Orthomolecular Medicine in Prevention and Therapy (registered association)“ exclusively and directly pursues non-profit purposes in the sense of the section “tax-privileged purposes” of the tax code. The association is independent from idiological, political, religious and economic commitments.

§4 Membership

Members are divided into the three sections medical and non-medical health care professions and sponsoring members. Membership is possible as follows: Physicians, dentists, residents and students of medicine and dental medicine can become members of the section „medical health care professions”. Pharmacists, alternative practitioners, physiotherapists, nutrition scientists, nutritionists, sports therapists and similar professions can become members of the section „non-medical health care professions“. Individuals who have completed their 18th year of life and who solidarize with the goals of the association and engage in their realization can become members of the section “sponsoring members”. The members show solidarity with each other and support each other.

§5 Fees for Membership

The members pay annual fees. The amount and payment date of the annual fees are stipulated by the board of members. Currently, the annual fees are as follows (state 2005):

  • Physicians, dentists, pharmacists and alternative practitioners (€ 72.-)
  • Other health care professions, members of acknowledged partner associations (€ 36.-)
  • Sponsoring members, residents, students and apprentices in health care professions (€ 18.-)

§6 Bodies of the Association

Bodies of the association are the board of members, the managing board and the scientific advisory board. Except for reimbursement of expenses and expense allowances, the work of the association bodies is honorary.

Managing Board of FOM (Version 05/2006)

Dr.med. Udo Böhm (Unterwössen), Dr.med.dent. Jochen Mellinghoff (Ulm), Dr.med. Markus Pfisterer (Heilbronn), Dr.med. Hellmut Münch (Unterwössen), Dr. Dr. Claus Muss (Augsburg), Dr. Wolf-Dieter Ludwig (Mindelheim)

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr.med. Gerhard Ohlenschläger (Königstein/Ts.), Dr.med. Michael Gesche (Hamm), Dr.med. Rudolf Kunze (Berlin), Prof. Dr.Dr.H.H. Paradies (Iserlohn), Prof. Dr.med. Dr.-Ing.habil. Wilfried Diebschlag (Munich)