Curriculum "Training in Orthomolecular Medicine" of the forum orthomolecular medicine (state 09/2002)

To guarantee the use of patient-oriented concepts in the prevention and treatment of straining diseases as well as the quality of medical work in these fields, standardized training of therapists according to the necessities and the latest scientific knowledge is needed. This requires a new orientation of medical and postgraduate medical training and imparting of the knowledge how to inform the patient of the desired objectives, so that they make fun and can be applied on a long-term basis.

It is our intention to impart with our „Curriculum Orthomolecular Medicine“ a corresponding theoretical and practical training in orthomolecular medicine, a medical field that has to date not been included  in the postgraduat medical training regulations, but that is top-ranking in orthodox medicine and naturopathy.

The training “orthomolecular medicine” was regularly carried out by FOM since the year 2000. Initially, it ended after 80 hours training with a diploma (now valid as A-diploma). Because of our increasing experience and the increased need in consolidation and updating of knowledge, we broadened the training. It is now subdivided into basic training and advanced courses.  The graduates  receive after succesful training participation an A-diploma respectively B-diploma. This may, for example, be used by physicians as a – desirable - certificate of the special field “orthomolecular medicine”. Since 2003 - due to an amendment of the Medical Association’s professional code of conduct - the physicians are allowed to list on their practice plate  orthomolecular medicine as their main field.

Goal of Training

Creation of a therapeutic standard for the use of micronutrients in prevention and therapy with diploma "orthomolecular medicine".

Period of Training

A. Basic Training (A-diploma)

4 course blocks a 18 hours (72 hours a 45 minutes) at 4 weekends (Saturday-Sunday) with A-diploma. The theoretic basics of orthomolecular medicine, physiology and biochemistry of the most important orthomolecular substances included, and their use in the different medical fields are taught. If possible, the basic training should be carried out within a period of two years. The basic training comprises mandatory subjects and optional subjects. Optional subjects can also be taught in certified individual classes of FOM or of associated parties (e.g. during congresses). Upon request, advanced training in the related fields diet, motion and phytotherapy as well as in the additional fields naturopathy and environmental medicine can also be counted towards the basic training with at most 18 hours.

Advanced Training (B-diploma)

Minimum participation in 8 course blocks a 20 hours (160 hours a 45 minutes at 8 prolonged weekends (Friday-Sunday) or/and in 4 weeks (e.g. Friday – Wednesday) with B-diploma. This training is for therapists who want to engage more intensively in orthomolecular medicine and possibly make it to their main field of practice. Certain fields of application are deepened field-specifically and strongly practice-oriented in small groups. Among others, for example, real cases are discussed in these courses.

Subjects of Basic Training (A-diploma)

  • A 1: Introduction and history of orthomolecular medicine
  • A 2: Orthomolecular substances
  • A 3: Fields of application of orhtomolecular medicine
  • A 4: Supplements (diagnostics, non-medication treatment, organisation of practice)
  • Final examination in writing for A-diploma "basic training orthomolecular medicine"

Subjects of Advanced Training (B-diploma)

  • B 1: Oncology
  • B 2: Immune system and detoxication
  • B 3: Cardiovascular diseases
  • B 4: Orthopedics and sports
  • B 5: Healthy aging - "Anti-Aging" (including hormones in orthomolecular medicine)
  • B 6: Metabolism (e.g. diabetes, lipometabolic disorders)
  • B 7: Dental medicine
  • B 8: Gynecology
  • B 9: Neurology and psychiatry
  • B10: Diagnostics
  • Final examination in writing for B-diploma „complete training orthomolecular medicine“ (only holders of the A-diploma can take the examination)

Practical Implementation of Training

Since 2000, we successfully carry out complete training course blocks in basic training for orthomolecular therapists (A-diploma) according to the curriculum of FOM at 4 weekends per year, either alone and as far as possible in cooperation with other organisations in Germany, alternating in the south (region of Munich) and in the north (currently in Hamburg and Berlin).

Since 2003, we also carry out courses for the B-diploma. Intended training places are Berlin or Hamburg and the region of Upper Bavaria or Salzburg. In addition, we offer – particularly in view of the importance of traditional Mediterranean food and its practical use in orthomolecular medicine -   . some of the courses for the B-diploma in appropriate regions like at Lake Constance in Italy and in other Meditterranean countries.

The A-diploma seminar fees are 345,00 Euros per weekend course for non-member respectively 285,00 Euros for members of FOM and partner organisations (when you book all 4 courses, a discount of 10% is given, which means you pay 1242,00 Euros respectively 1026,00 Euros). The fee for the final exam is 40,00 Euros

Please find the dates for the A-diploma and B-diploma training as well as for other events under the category events.

Additional Offers

Every second year – supplementary to the A-diploma and B-diploma training – we carry out practical seminars (currently in Frankfurt) for all those who are interested in consolidation, in continuous advanced training and in regular exchange of experience in the field of orthomolecular medicine, during which pharmaceutic companies and equipment manufacturers can present their products and guest speakers are introduced.